Electronic Claim Payments

AmeriHealth Caritas Florida is now offering additional payment methods. Electronic claim payment has the added benefit of reducing potential exposure risk associated with paper checks.

Payment options:

  • Virtual credit card (VCC) services. VCC payment is your default payment method, instead of paper checks. Your office will receive either faxed or mailed VCC payments, each containing a VCC with a number unique to that payment transaction, your Explanation of Payment (EOP) and an instruction page for processing. Normal transaction fees apply based on your merchant acquirer relationship. To opt out of this VCC payment method, you can contact ECHO directly at 1-888-492-5579.
  • Electronic fund transfer (EFT) payments. Payments appear on your bank statement from PNC and ECHO as “PNC – ECHO”. If you are using a practice management system, be sure your software reflects the new ECHO payer ID 58379 in addition to the AmeriHealth Caritas Florida payer ID 77003 to receive Electronic Remittance Advices (ERAs). All generated ERAs will also be accessible to download from the ECHO provider portal (www.providerpayments.com). Changes to the ERA enrollment or ERA distribution can be made by contacting the ECHO Health Enrollment team at 1-888-834-3511.
  • New to EFT payments. If you are interested in receiving payment via EFT, setting up EFT is fast and straightforward. In addition to your banking account information, you will need to provide an ECHO payment draft number and payment amount as part of the enrollment authentication. Please note: Payments from AmeriHealth Caritas Florida will appear on your bank statement from PNC and ECHO as “PNC– ECHO”.
  • MedPay. If you are not enrolled with us to receive payments via EFT and you opt-out of Virtual Credit Card, and have enrolled for Medical Payment Exchange (MPX) with another payer, you will continue to receive your payments in your MPX portal account. Otherwise, you will receive a paper check via print and mail.
  • Paper check. To receive paper checks and paper EOPs, you must opt out of the Virtual Card Services by contacting ECHO Health at 1-888-492-5579, after your initial virtual card payment is received.

To access a detailed EOP for each payment from AmeriHealth Caritas Florida you may log into www.providerpayments.com for additional information.