Getting Care

Do you know who to call or what you need in order to get care? AmeriHealth Caritas Florida wants to make getting care as easy as possible so that you can stay healthy.

When you join AmeriHealth Caritas Florida, you will choose or be assigned a doctor from our Provider Directory. This doctor is your Primary Care Physician (PCP). Your PCP is your family doctor, or the doctor you regularly see. Your PCP oversees your health care and helps you get the care you need when you need it.

AmeriHealth Caritas Florida members can get care through providers or hospitals. 

  • The providers and hospitals have to be in our approved and contracted network.
  • If you do not see the provider you need, call Member Services toll-free at 1-855-355-9800 (TTY 1-888-877-5378). We will find a provider for you.

AmeriHealth Caritas Florida will pay for the cost of care that is approved. If your care is not approved by AmeriHealth Caritas Florida, you may have to pay for the cost of the care.

  • If you need help or have any questions, call Member Services toll-free at 1-855-355-9800 (TTY 1-888-877-5378).

Tips on how to partner with your provider 

We want our members to take an active role in their health care. The best way to do this is to treat your provider as a partner in your care. Below are some tips to help you.

  1. Ask questions: Let your provider know if you have any questions. If you do not understand something, ask. The provider is there to explain and give instructions to you.
  2. Be honest: Knowing the truth will help your provider decide on the best treatment plan for you.
  3. Go to your appointments: If you cannot go to an appointment, make sure to call the office to cancel.
  4. Don’t be late: Make sure that you are on time for your appointment.
  5. Take notes: Write down the most important things that your provider tells you. This can help you remember what was said during the appointment.

How to prepare for your visit to your health care provider (PDF)